Change the world

Both teams finished in the top 8 in the stroke play and by doing so managed to get into the A Division for the match play. A first for KPMG NMMU Golf and the team of Brophy, Baldie, Mayberry and Kleyn's 4th place, is the highest ever for NMMU.We unfortunately came up against two strong teams in the first round of match play with +3 handicaps taking on our 4/5 handicaps.

Our players managed to give them a fight but at the end of the day, the PUKKE and VC players were just too good for them. NMMU 1 lost 5 1/2 to 1/2 and NMMU 2 lost 4 to 2, this doesn't show how close the matches were with at least two or three of them going down to the last hole. These loses meant that again for the first time ever, the two NMMU team took. The player were very excited as they had many grudge matches that needed to be resolved on the course. The morning foursomes finished 1 1/2 to 1/2 to NMMU 1 but then the senior guys (NMMU2)stepped up and delivered some blows to take the singles 2 1/2 to 1 1/2. This meant a playoff would decide the winners, the number 1 players from each team going the first hole in a sudden death playoff.  Jason Wolmerans hit a near perfect pitch shot the on the first hole to secure a victory for the KPMG NMMU 2 team.

Jason pitching it to "give" to edge out the "A Team" in a sudden death playoff!!



436 Varsity College 1 (221-215)
438 Central University of Technology Free State (220-218); University of Pretoria 1 (212-226)
441 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University 1 (217-224)
443 North West University Pukke 1 (221-222); Stellenbosch University 1 (218-225)
449 University of Pretoria 2 (226-223)
452 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University 2 (227-225)
460 Rhodes University 1 (230-230); North West University Pukke 2 (224-226)
467 Cape Peninsula University of Technology 1 (236-231)
469 University of Johannesburg 1 (243-226); Varsity College 2 (237-232)
470 University of Cape Town 1 (235-235)
472 Rhodes University 2 (230-242); 
478 Centurion Academy 1 (238-240)
480 University of Johannesburg 2 (242-238)
484 Stellenbosch University 2 (244-240)
493 University of Cape Town 2 (251-242)
507 North West University Vaal (254-253)
508 Cape Peninsula University of Technology 2 (255-253)
580 University of Zululand (261-267)